Day 8 – Yellow River Chorus Festival Opening Ceremony

25th JULY – DAY 8

Today marked the opening ceremony of the Yellow River Chorus Festival in Lanzhou and, as we had done in Beijing, we were taking part in the opening of the festival. 10 members of the choir headed out bright and early (leaving at around 8am) to go to the Gansu theatre to rehearse the joint number, while the rest of us had the morning to ourselves.

I chose to get up for breakfast – a rather unusual breakfast by out standards as the Chinese don’t really eat ‘breakfast foods’ as such – and then head out to explore the city. We walked through the park and across the bridge to get to the theatre, stopping to take pictures around the lake (and have pictures taken of us!) and listen to a group of elderly people singing – they were so delighted that we were stood listening to them.

The dichotomy between old and new in Lanzhou!

We met the others for lunch opposite the rehearsal and then waiting around before having our own rehearsal in the afternoon. There was a fair amount of waiting around so we took any opportunity we could to explore outside, including finding more beer (it really it very cheap over there!)

Mixed emotions outside our rehearsal venue…

In the evening, we took part in the opening ceremony, with ten members of the choir heading on stage to take part in the joint number – which ended up being Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are the World’. We later sang a number of our own before heading home to the hotel for the night.

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