Day 9 – Final concert of the tour in Lanzhou

26th JULY – DAY 9

Today, our last day of concerting, began with a morning trip to the Gansu Provincial Museum, home to a permanent exhibition about the Silk Road (on which Langzhou was a key stop). A particular highlight for us was the opportunity to see the Flying horse of Gansu, the national symbol of China’s tourism industry.

Afterwards, en route to lunch, we were told by our much-adored tour guide Glenn that the organisers of the festival had sent a film crew and wanted us to perform a short piece for them. This resulted in an impromptu rendition of Danny Boy (replete with pdf scores on our phones) on the banks of the Yellow River, just one of the many wonderfully odd memories that we’ll take home from this trip.

After a (much-needed) restful afternoon off we headed to the Lanzhou concert hall to rehearse for our concert in the Yellow River Chorus Festival that evening.

Rehearsing for our evening concert in Lanzhou

The hall was packed to the rafters come concert time and we gave not one, but two encores, the first of which was a joint rendition of Josef Rheinberger’s ‘Abendlied’ with the Northwest Minzu University Choir. We ended the concert, and our music-making in China, with a performance of the Chinese folk song ‘Fengyang song’, a consistent crowd favourite throughout the tour.

Tomorrow (very early!) we would head home to Beijing before catching our flight hope – it’s hard to believe how quickly the end of our tour has come!


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