Day 7 – Travelling from Beijing to Lanzhou

24th JULY – DAY 7

I’m afraid we don’t have much to report today as we spent the day travelling from Beijing to Lanzhou, which was a 2 and a half hour flight.

Our first impression of Lanzhou was very different to that of Beijing. The air was clear and we could see for miles – a real treat as we flew in past the mountainous region of what used to be Tibet. It was hot – 35 degrees – but not sticky as it had been and the city skyline against the mountains reminded me of somewhere like Vancouver. Not what we expected from somewhere we had all considered to be fairly ‘remote’!

We drove an hour to the hotel and were pleasantly surprised by the Vienna International Hotel. The view from the hotel room was the best I have ever seen.

The view from the hotel room in Lanzhou

The evening was spent having dinner and relaxing – we were all tired and had a long day of rehearsals the following day.

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